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Q) What does regional science have to do with regional development?

The science in regional science refers to the broad range of social sciences inherently involved in regional development. For over 25 years ANZRSAI has recognised that development issues such regional unemployment are caused by a multitude of factors and consequently, no single discipline offers the panacea to its solution. Given this, the ANZRSAI is a 'broad church' of geographers, town planners, economists, public policy professionals and other social scientists for example, all working together to make a difference to the lives of regional citizens.

Q) What are the benefits of becoming a member of ANZRSAI?

There are significant benefits of becoming a member of ANZRSAI. Perhaps the greatest benefit is that you receive contemporary information on regional development best practice and policy. This is provided formally through our twojournals the Australasian Journal of Regional Studies and Sustaining Regions, workshops and Annual Conference. Of equal importance, information is also disseminated informally via our network of Australasias leading regional development professionals.

Q) Who are the current members of ANZRSAI?

Membership of the ANZRSAI is unique in terms of the other chapters of the global Regional Science Association International family. Whereas these other organisations are academic focused the ANZRSAI membership captures synergies from three broad groups: development practitioners, officials from Local, State and Commonwealth Governments and academics interested inregional development. In terms of these groups approximately 50% of members are practitioners, 25% are government policy makers or program delivery managers and 25% are academics.

Q) Is membership restricted?

Membership is open to anyone interested in regional issues. This includes individual citizens, Universities, libraries, NGO's, and Government agencies such as Local Councils and their economic development officers and State/Commonwealth Departments, consultants.

Q) What is the structure of the ANZRSAI?

The ANZRSAI is led by an elected committee made up of a President, two Vice Presidents (one based in New Zealand), Executive and Councillors who represent their State and/or Territory/NZ members.

Q) How long has the ANZRSAI been in operation?

ANZRSAI has been successfully in the business of making a difference to the lives of regional citizens for over 25 years.