Issue 3

Note from the Editors

Tony Sorensen and Sonya Glavac

Page Number - 319

Indigenous Patient Migration Patterns after Hospitalisation and the Potential Impacts on Mortality Estimates

Yuejen Zhao, John R. Condon, Shu Qin Li, Steven Guthridge and Ramakrishna Chondur

Page Number - 321

Labour Attraction and Retention in Rural and Remote Queensland Communities

Karen Becker, Paul Hyland and Claudine Soosay

Page Number - 342

Distributional and Consumptive Water Demand Impacts of Different Types of Economic Growth in Two Northern? Australian River Catchments

Natalie Stoeckl, Michelle Esparon, Marina Farr, Aurelie Delisle and Owen Stanley

Page Number - 396

The Role of Geographic Proximity for University-Industry Linkages in Brazil: an Empirical Analysis

Renato Garcia, Veneziano Araujo and Suelene Mascarini

Page Number - 433

The Innovation Potential of Living-Labs to Strengthen Small and Medium Enterprises in Regional Australia

Subas P. Dhakal, Muhammad N. Mahmood, Anna Wiewora, Kerry Brown and Robyn Keast

Page Number - 456