Sustaining Regions

The title Sustaining Regions has a proud history in Australian regional practice. ANZRSAI launched the publication in 2001 under a contract with the then Australian Government's Research and Development Programmes for Rural and Regional Australia. Since Volume 5, Issue 3 in 2006, Sustaining Regions has not attracted sufficient articles to publish three issues per year. There have been two issues only: Volume 6, Issue 1 (2007) and Volume 7, Issue 1 (2009).

Changes in the funding of research institutions have removed the incentives for researchers to contribute articles to journals which are not refereed. At the same time there have been changes in regional practice in Australia with the emergence of EDA (Economic Development Australia), SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth in Regional Australia), and the Australian Government Department for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government.

The Council of ANZRSAI has decided to place articles and reviews which would previously have been published in Sustaining Regions within a renamed publication Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI. In this way we can provide a continuing outlet for wide discussion of the social, environmental and economic conditions in the bounded localities in which all people live, and provide an input to debate, policy and research on regions.

It has been necessary to establish a new ISSN. Accordingly Volume 7, Issue 1 (2009) was the last issue of Sustaining Regions. ISSN 1446-2974

Archive issues of Sustaining Regions will continue to be available from this page.

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