Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI

From September 2011 , the Council of ANZRSAI decided to upgrade the Newsletter to include articles on regional practice and policy, and to apply for an ISSN registration for the title Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI

It is the intent to publish articles, reviews, case studies and comment relevant to regional practice and policy. This includes material which would previously have been published in Sustaining Regions in the upgraded newsletter. However, it will also provide an outlet for wide discussion of the social, environmental and economic conditions affecting any or all bounded localities, remote, rural or urban, and to provide an input to debate on effective practice, policy and research.

Archived issues of Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI, ISSN 1839-5988, will be stored on this page . As for the previous Newsletter, the current issue of Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI will be available to all on the home page. An archive of the previous Newsletter will continue to be stored on separate page of this website, also available from this page.

The current issue, Volume 13, Issue 2, was published in November 2023.

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Authors should be aware that authors of articles published in a newsletter are not protected by copyright, and therefore material published in Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI will be in the public domain.

We welcome and encourage articles, reviews, comments and points of interest about regions. Please forward these to the Editor, Sustaining Regions, the Newsletter of ANZRSAI by email to